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Trusted advisor to those considering giving the great gift of surrogacy.

Surrogacy is an important decision and should be based on sound, compassionate and objective advice. Mothers First Surrogacy can help you on this journey.

Who we are:

Mothers First Surrogacy was founded with the best interest of the surrogate in mind. We are a company designed for surrogates by surrogates. Our mission is to educate and match qualified women with trusted agencies that will treat them with respect and consideration throughout their surrogacy journey.

What we do:

Mothers First Surrogacy serves as advocates and facilitators for Intended Parents and Gestational Carriers. What do we offer? We come to the table with invaluable industry experience, third party reproductive services knowledge, and unwavering integrity. Our team of professionals are experienced in the surrogacy world and have a strong code of ethics and morals that we adhere to when matching you with an agency. We work with a network of screened, and trusted agencies that have stood the test of time, who are ethical and trustworthy. We work hard to ensure that our Intended Parents and Surrogate clients are safe no matter where we send them and that they will not be taken advantage of or exploited in any way.

Tonia Rivera

CEO | Program Director

Tonia is a two time surrogate with professional experience as a surrogate case manager and intake manager. After delivering her first surrogate baby, and caring for them for several months during the Covid-19 pandemic, she knew she wanted to be a part of the assisted reproduction industry in a much larger way. While working on the agency management side of surrogacy, she noticed that the care for the well being of surrogates was sorely lacking. This led her to create Mothers First Surrogacy, a company that educates, screens, and matches gestational carriers with only safe and ethical agencies

“There is so much joy in starting and growing your family, being a surrogate and helping another family¬†only adds to that joy and fulfillment, knowing you’ve done something in life that is bigger than yourself.”

-Tonia Rivera

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