I want to become a surrogate mother. How does it work?

You are considering becoming a gestational surrogate for a deserving family. You are a mother who had relatively uncomplicated pregnancies and you love to help others. Where do you start? How does it work?

Check out the beginning steps of a surrogacy journey below!

1. First you will need to complete an initial phone screening. That is what we do! This screening will consist of questions provided by the ASRM- American Society for reproductive Medicine and helps determine if surrogacy pregnancy is a safe option for you.
2. Once your screening is complete, you will be placed with a trusted agency.
3. Your agency will begin gathering your previous pregnancy and delivery records to review. Again, to be sure that surrogacy pregnancy is safe for you.
4. Once your records have been gathered and reviewed your agency will run your background check and your partners if applicable.
5. Now you are ready to be matched! After you match with your future intended parent(s) you will have your psych screening.
6. Once approved to move forward, you will have your medical screening with the IP(s) IVF Physician.
7. After medical clearance you will forward with the legal process of contract signing with your attorney.
8. Once legally cleared you can start medications! The clinic will now provide a cycle calendar for you and mail your medications to your home.
9. You will now start your IVF cycle and soon have an embryo transfer!
10. If the transfer was successful, the clinic will know within 10 days by the results of your hCG blood test.
11. You will continue to monitor at the IP(s) IVF clinic or your monitoring clinic until you graduate to your OBGYN for routine prenatal care.

This is a relatively quick summarization of the surrogacy process on the surrogate mothers side. If you are already matched with an agency, I encourage you to reach out to your case manager with all of your questions, that is what they are there for!

Are you a mother considering surrogacy? Reach out today! We’d love to walk you through the process. Apply on our website!

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