What are the requirements to become a surrogate mother?

The American Society for Reproductive Medicine, (referred to as ASRM) guidelines for Gestational carriers are as follows:
• Carriers must be of legal age, and preferably between the ages of 21 and 45 years.
• Ideally, the carrier should have had at least one, full-term, uncomplicated pregnancy before being considered as a GC for another couple.
• Ideally, the carrier should not have had more than a total of five previous deliveries or three deliveries via cesarean-section.
• Carriers must have a stable family environment with adequate support to help her cope with the added stress of pregnancy.
• A gestational carrier should not have had a tattoo or piercing within the past 12 months.
• A gestational carrier AND her partner must not be users of illicit drugs.
• A gestational carrier should be a non-smoker.

Keep in mind that requirements do vary depending on each IVF Physician’s professional opinion. This results in different requirements from agency to agency, which can make applying a confusing and difficult process. Many times women are disqualified form one agency and are under the impression that they cannot pursue surrogacy at all, but that is far from the truth. That is where Mothers First Surrogacy can help. We work with a network of trusted agencies, which enables us to be able to review your screening alongside the list of requirements for several agencies. This allows us to match you with an agency that is a perfect fit.

Recommendations for practices using gestational carriers: a committee opinion (asrm.org)

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