What are the true medical requirements to become a Gesational Surrogate?

While there are many agencies out there that state “the requirements to become a surrogate”, often times these are requirements that they have set for their agency alone. In most cases, not all of the agency’s stated requirements are true medical requirements to become a gestational surrogate in the United States. It is important to remember that every Physician has their own requirements and this is often why agencies have set their requirements a particular way. However, everyone stepping foot into the third party and assisted reproduction world, should be familiar with The ASRM.

The ASRM, American Society for Reproductive Medicine, is a nonprofit, multidisciplinary organization for advancement of the science and practice of reproductive medicine. They alongside the Practice Committee of the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology have created a guide of Recommendations for practices
using gestational carriers.

The link to this guide is posted below for all who wish to educate themselves on the true medical requirements to become a gestational surrogate.


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