What makes a surrogacy agency safe or unsafe?

Becoming a surrogate mother for a family in need is truly one of the greatest gifts one could give. When embarking on such a meaningful journey it is important to put your safety first. Always remember that you are a mother to your own child(ren) and you need to be supported and protected during your journey.

A safe agency will…
• Be transparent with you, and not hide things or discourage your questions.
• Have an ethical reputation.
• Have positive reviews from IPs and GCs.
• Will not make empty promises on your first encounter to keep you with them.

An unsafe agency may…
• Promise you compensation far above industry standard (ex. 100k for a first-time surrogate is not standard) and ultimately their compensation package will reflect a much different number.
• Ask you to leave out an unfavorable pregnancy when speaking to a clinic (record hiding/ altering).
• Tell you exactly what to say in your match meeting (lying to IPs).
• Ask you to sign with them after your initial phone call.
• Have 6 or more locations listed on their website (this is highly unusual and often untrue; this tactic is used to misrepresent the company’s size and capabilities).
• Only let you have access to the lawyer they provide for you (always remember, you can search for your own attorney to represent you in your journey).

There are many things to look out for when you are applying to work with an agency. Remember to trust your instincts. If you something feels off, it probably is. Mothers First Surrogacy exists for the sole purpose of creating a safer environment for surrogate mothers and placing them with agencies that are screened and approved by experienced surrogate mothers.
If you are considering giving the great gift of surrogacy, please contact us today and let us help you navigate this challenging process and match with the best agency at no cost.

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